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Starting Your Own Business from

There is a hive of practical and legal information at the excellent .gov website.

It is well worth a visit as the page is also full of useful links such as these

Find local support, including help with developing business ideas:

The page gives an insight into step-by-step researching, through to business plan and also covers funding. It is pleasing to see a section on intellectual property close to the top of the .gov page. When seeking an IP firm, call them, and if you are able to easily communicate with them, then go for it. It may seem that they all charge mega bucks, but this is a worthy investment. Being able to easily communicate with your IP people is crucial as you develop the business.

We suggest that if you have an idea for a new business, that you do follow these initial steps. Don’t just jump in without full preparation – even though you may be super enthusiastic! You may reveal one or two areas that you hadn’t thought of, but you may also discover new opportunities!



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