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Securicare News – When is Challenging Behaviour NOT Challenging?

SecuriCare Preventing & Managing Challenging Behaviour programme is an examination of the terminology used to describe behaviour, and exactly what it means. How important are words?
In a recent Independent newspaper article, Erin Grufydd, a 17 year old who experienced a terror of speaking, talks about how her behaviour (selective Mutism) was misconstrued by staff as ‘challenging,’ and more specifically the impact that this determination had on the behaviour of staff towards her.

Erin explains, “My teacher misinterpreted this anxiety as stubbornness, and I was consistently punished for ‘challenging behaviour’. On one occasion the teacher told my mum ‘I’ve never seen anyone like her in 20 years as a teacher, but I’ll break her by the end of the year.’ Little did she know that the more I was pushed, the more I panicked, and it became harder and harder for me to speak.” Find out more by clicking the link.

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