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Make Money Whilst in Education

Whilst in education, whilst at high school, college or uni, it always helps to be able to make some money, for books, clothes, and off course fun days and nights out. Lets look at some of the ways that you can make the folding stuff, whilst still allowing essential time for study.

Selling the old things that you no longer require

There are platforms such as Ebay and Gumtree that come up where you can sell mostly the items you no longer find useful and which may come in handy to another person. Amazon allow people sell their old DVDs, CDs and  books that they would no longer need.  These are obvious platforms, but some students sell digital products. More on that further down.

…And Selling Your Own Creations!

A few of the students I know sell: Minecraft seeds, hand-painted A3 lego posters. Get creative and you can make a packet.If you are a budding photographer, there are online sites where you can sell your masterpiece/s!

Freelancing and eBook publishing

In the internet there are many opportunities for freelancers and they may range from consulting, writing, blogging and even being a personal freelancer. Try signing up into sites such as Up Work then start earning money. When it comes to eBook publishing, one writes up their novel and publishes it; once this is done the book is sold on Noble, Amazon and Barnes. You would not believe how many people have made that extra cash from this way of making money.

Online Surveys

This one is often another popular side hustle that has earned a lot of people extra money. One is supposed to log into a company site, then register with them. Once this is done the companies often reach out to you then ask you to conduct researches on their brands; upon returning the filled out form you get to earn money.

Mystery Shopper

This is a fun way to make some money! You don’t get paid that much. Usually its expenses plus a small amount, however on the upside there are opportunities to sample meals and drinks at both fast food and restaurants. Once you are established on a mystery shopper site you will have access to the jobs coming up and will be able to jump on them as soon as they are listed! According to The Guardian however, some mystery shoppers can earn upto £155 a day! Click here to read their mystery shopper article. You will also find within that article a link to a UK leading mystery shopping company that you could enquire with.

Babysitting and Cleaning

Another way that has earned people in school money. There are parents who often work during the night and alternatively look for a babysitter for their children. One could offer to take care of such children and look after them throughout the night for some extra money. This is an enjoyable and less tiresome way of earning you money. When it comes to cleaning, one could offer and clean people’s houses for money. This one is convenient as it may not always be on a daily basis but once or twice a week depending on the client’s wishes. Aside from this, you could liaise with a couple of your acquaintances and friends and start on it as an income generating project that is bound to earn you money. Both of these, command huge amounts of trust and probably a police check (CRB).

Tutoring and offering extra classes

This will mostly work for college or university students who have taken quite a number of classes in their major fields; in this venture, one tutors their juniors in the same classes then they earn from each session. When it comes to extra classes, such majors could offer evening classes to others and still get paid for dong the same. This is often an amazing side venture as you kill two birds with a single stone: you earn and keep your knowledge in check.

Catering – Waiting On

There are those catering companies that need people to help them serve their customers at weekends and evenings. This one does not affect your studies as it is not a permanent job and you could resign whenever you like. It works by you working at their joints during the weekends and payments are often on a daily basis hence reduces the risk of not being paid.

There are many side methods that are bound to earn you money while you are still in school. The key however is the make sure that your main focus is your education!

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