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Easier said than done, but if you are addicted to something, you need to quit. For smokers, quitting can save a small fortune!

Many people quit smoking, and actually end up transferring their addiction to another form of nicotine. OK, nicotine is not that back…but what about the other ingredients. In nicotine lozengers the sweet taste is created by the use of aspartame – a know rat poison and killer of a substance.

I just grabbed this screen shot from the internet.

aspartame dangers





A good way to quit a bad habit is to replace it with a a new, good, habit! For instance, sign up to a 5k race and get out jogging!

Some people like myself, smoked for 15 years, then gave up and had a child. I started on nicotine lozengers after a night out (and after baby was born). A decade, YES A WHOLE DECADE LATER!!!! ..I was still hooked. This caused me great embarrassment, even in front of friends. The doctor or dentist didn’t know either. If you are on the lozengers, and you are reading this, then it will all be ringing true! When I went on holiday I would pack boxes and boxes on them, based on my own calculation of an average of 18 lozengers per day (2mg).

I would get so stressed if I had less than 10 to last me for an evening! I would send the partner driving around looking for a few boxes – it was literally like a secret drug habit!

One day I decided to quit. I really did not think I could do it. I bought zillions of mints and chewing gum! I wanted to share this. Somehow I did it. I found the will power, started jogging with a friend. I lost my Mum last year very suddenly at age 62 so I vowed that when my head was sorted I would start sorting my life out, for the benefit of my children as well as myself.

OK, I expect my skin to be nicer – WOW get this. It is 100X better! My hair feels in better condition too. I save over £50 per month! But look at this.  My bpm on my fitbit literally dropped 10 points! I quit on Monday 9th April.



heart rate dropped


For anyone wanting to quit Nicotine Replacement Therapy, it is not easy so make sure you have alternative things to chew etc. Try swapping the bad habit/addiction for a good healthy one. And just think of the massive health benefits! Awesome. I am proud of myself!

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