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How to Create VIRAL news

The term viral posts resonates pretty well with marketers and online entrepreneurs. Imagine your content going viral and being viewed by thousands if not millions of people allover the world? This is certainly what anyone who posts contents on online media wishes for. However, is there a secret to making your content go viral? Truth is that this doesn’t happen out of sheer luck.

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You need to put some effort and research into the whole activity. The following are some useful questions that will help you come-up with viral content:

1. Who’s Your Market?

The desire to go viral drives many marketers, bloggers and web owners to post lots of content just to try their luck. However, viral content is more than just a lucky break. You first need to know y who you are targeting? Is it a teenager, a youth, or a more mature person? Will the content appeal to a man , woman, or an executive in a corporate firm? You don’t expect a senior executive to spend time reading teenage stuff , or a stay-at-home mum going through testosterone therapy for men,do you?Understanding this questions helps in gathering information and conveying only the relevant information.

2. Is Your Content Useful?

One thing that many people overlook or forget is that “Content is still king.” Yes you may include some funny video clips or make it straightforward to share. However, if the content adds no or minimal value to the users, it will be stopped on its tracks sooner-rather-than-later. People are always inspired to share valuable information with their friends, and this is what starts the domino effect. The only way to experience this is making certain the content is meaningful and invaluable to the readers.

3. Is There Any Emotional Connection?

Emotional connection is key to creating viral posts. We can’t deny that we will read through content or even re-read again because we felt part-and-parcel of it. What the content creator stated aroused some emotions in us or made sense in something that we were going through.To achieve this effect, you need to know what kind of issues are affecting your target niche. Thereafter, you need to offer viable solutions to their problems. When one reader finds the content invaluable he will certainly want to share it with another. It’s all about ensuring you look trustworthy and are an authority to your readers.

4.How’s Your Timing?

Do you always look at the timing of your content? The most likely answer from many people is “NO.”. Majority of the people simply post a YouTube video, send a tweet or post content on Facebook when they have the time. However, you should know that timing makes the whole difference between going viral or not. Imagine tweeting about an event that has already happened? Keeping tabs on the latest happening and trends helps to know what many people are following and content related to such an event is more-likely to go viral.

5. Is it Entertaining?

People create and post all kind of content. However, fact remains that people are more drawn to positive, entertaining and humorous content. After ‘cracking some ribs’ due to laughter or feeling inspired , a reader will want her friend and others to feel the same. This however can’t be said about posts on tragedies or negativism and people will want to forget about it soonest possible. Add some fun, laughter and positivism to your content and see it go viral.

6. Can the Content be Shared Easily?

Many people are able to come up with viral posts which never went viral. How’s this possible? Well, it all has to do with making the content shareable. After reading and feeling enlightened or inspired by a post, most users will want to share it. However, if the design of the platform isn’t user-friendly, then they will soon give-up after attempting to share it. It’s vital to use a format that not only inspires a viewer to share but also simplifies the sharing process.

There you have it. Making your content go viral isn’t rocket science.You also don’t have to cross your finger and toe tails for it to happen. What you should do is understanding your market, ensure the content is useful,create an emotional connection,and make the content shareable. Furthermore, you need to make sure the timing is right, make it more visual,and catch the eye of influencers. In addition to boosting your market penetration and exposure,viral posts make you an authority in the particular field.

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