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DO NOT fall for The Post Office Credit Card SCAM

My story…

I got a 0% Post Office credit card. I gave my bank details online. I received a statement but NO bank details..Thats OK, as I already gave my bank details, right. NO WRONG>

Because 5 weeks later I received a letter from The Post Office. They charged me £12 late payment fine!!! And STILL NO BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS in which to pay any money!

So the scam is this. You believe that you have a direct debit set up. They send a statement. Nothing stands out regarding a direct debit being present or not as the case may be (and it will be the LATTER). Then weeks later they inform you that they fined you and the interest rate is 20.835% !!!

So they are making plenty of interest with their crooked ways!!!

Even on the letter re the fine, there are NO BANK DETAILS. If you call the -possible dodgy and expensive – 0345 phone number – they keep you on hold forever, and even cutting me off.

Orshan eventually spoke with me who is apparently a manager or as they call it “supervisor” – all very 19th century.

He then put me on hold for a 4th time. ” SO I said to him “How do I know that the line won’t mysteriously disconnect again”.He replied with “I cant say that it wont.”

Disgusting and antiquated systems and service. We say AVOID at ALL COSTS!

So, I pay the full amount, eventually after waiting 4 times and being cut off once. You have to jump through these hoops to pay. I paid it ALL and now I still cant close the account, until I get another letter in snail mail.


Backwards and scamlike.


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